Invisalign: Know Before You Go

According to the research, not everyone have a perfect smile. To deal with the misaligned the, a person’s smile is decreasing step by step and loss his self-confidence. Luckily, there is a treatment for misaligned teeth, to align the teeth use braces to straighten teeth. Invisalign is a great evolution in the dentistry but it has many difficulties to understand. You have a lot of questions related to invisalign, when you discussing it to your dentist and research by own on invisalign. Here we going to explore about invisalign that many people wants to know.

What Is Invisalign?

When there is need to align the misaligned teeth, method use to straight the teeth named as invisalign. Basically, it is not braces type, it like invisible and famous in dentistry. To straighten and realign the teeth without the physical appearance of braces, invisalign is aesthetic and functional option that uses incremental transparent aligner. It is better than the conventional braces.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Some peoples don’t want ugly metal braces when they need to straighten the teeth. The metal braces feels you discomfort. If you don’t want discomfort you should consider invisalign. Invisalign, aligner are custom made for your teeth, are invisible and include no metal braces. They are made like trays and shifts your teeth slowly into place. They are consist in series of trays and each tray is manufactured. Teeth are straighter than previous tray slightly. Your teeth needs two weeks for receiving a new set towards their ideal positions and teeth will growing .25 mm per tray.

Those people who wants alignment of their teeth, use invisalign aligner to straighten teeth. They are comfortable and no metal braces. They are visible and noticeable to everyone and best for both adults and teens.

Why Choose Invisalign?

  • You should invisalign because they are invisible and not metal braces include and there is no any feeling like discomfort. Here are some benefits of invisalign.
  • They are invisible in appearance and better than compared to conventional braces.
  • They are designed for moving many teeth at once. Invisalign quicker than conventional braces.
  • Invisalign aligner are comfortable and with no metal wires and corners.
  • Braces cannot move teeth in ways but invisalign aligner moves teeth in ways.
  • They can reduce risk and don’t put force on the roots of the teeth.
  • You cannot have better breath when there is conventional braces and impossible to clean clearly. Invisalign have better breath, because you can easily remove your aligner to brush and floss. There is also less risk of dental infection.
  • During treatment and after treatment, invisalign aligners can be double as white trays and mouth guard.

Drawbacks of Invisalign As Compared To Conventional Braces

There are some drawbacks of invisalign as compared to conventional braces.

In invisalign aligner, some discomfort with the movement of teeth and in conventional braces, some pain from metal wires and sharp corners of metal.

In Conventional braces, there is of tooth breakage and discoloration and in invisalign, you have to remove invisalign aligners before eating and drinking anything.

You have to brush after meal to avoid staining in when invisalign and in convention braces, it is difficult to eat sticky and hard food.
Despite far better than conventional braces, invisalign aligners can irritate your gums, tongues and lips.

The cost of the conventional braces and invisalign aligners are same but some dentist charge more for their benefits.


Invisalign are far better than conventional braces. They are famous as great advancement in dentistry. Especially, they are invisible and no noticeable. The perfect smile goes from it.


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